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MPCGram 700

More on counterfeits (and some comments on this week's grams) By Joe Boling
MPCGram 701 Series 701 – The FINAL Series By Marcus Turner

MPCGram 702

I Don’t Want That RAG By Larry Smulczenski
MPCGram 703 D-Day H-Hour By Max Spiegel

MPCGram 704

D-Day H-Hour By Max Spiegel
MPCGram 705 More on 691 and 701 MPC By Bob Unger

MPCGram 706

Whose initials are in the Ed White vignette? By Joe Boling
MPCGram 707 A Trip Down Memory Lane By Larry “Ski” Smulczesnki

MPCGram 708

Early Articles on Military Currency by Mark “Sparky” Watson
MPCGram 709 Initials on MPC By Gene Hessler

MPCGram 710

Vietnam Trip Report Ngyugen Trung
MPCGram 711 Barbeque successful

Down Home Barbeque

By Sam Feeback

By John Cheney

MPCGram 712

Collector’s Score at Dallas—Feeback Completes

Biling’s In Box

Organizer’s Report--BBQFest I

By Doug Bell

By Joe Boling

By Doug Bell

MPCGram 713 MPC 701 Fractional Specimens in Museum By David Klinger

MPCGram 714

Opportunity Lost By Larry “Ski” Smulczenski
MPCGram 715 Amon the Great By Neil Shafer

MPCGram 717

Collection of MPC offered from Vietnam  
MPCGram 718 Greatest Collection to Be Sold Marcus Turner

MPCGram 719

A few odds and ends By Joe Boling
MPCGram 720 Selling My collection By Marv Mericle

MPCGram 721

Opportunity Lost By Larry “Ski” Smulczenski
By Tony James

MPCGram 723

Pablo on Series 692 $1 By Tom Koch
MPCGram 724 New Variety Reported on NAAFI Token by Philip M. Goldstein
MPCGram 725 Summer Seminar By Fred Schwan
MPCGram 726 Planchettes again By Joe Boling
MPCGram 727 Summer Seminar By Schwan with help from Talso, Klinger, and Kroll
MPCGram 728 ANA Summer Seminar Military Courses By Gail Baker, ANA Director of Education
MPCGram 729 481 $5 Fourth Printing Authenticated by Larry Smulczenski
MPCGram 730 Scholarship Offensive Starts by Marcus Turner
MPCGram 731 Strasburg Show Report By Dick Freyser
MPCGram 732 Searching for Fest Info By Al Glaser
MPCGram 733 More odds and ends By Joe Boling
MPCGram 734 My Trip to Carson City by Mark “Sparky” Watson
MPCGram 735 Trip Report--Strasburg/Washington by Larry "Ski" Smulczenski
MPCGram 736 BAFSV "update" by A Clark
MPCGram 737 Just a Few Items by Joe Boling
MPCGram 738 Ski the Weatherman By Larry "Ski" Smulczenski
MPCGram 739 Asian Trip Report—Part I By Mike Cummings
MPCGram 740 ANA WWII Exhibit to Open in December From Larry Lee (via phone to the editor)
MPCGram 741 Serial Number 2 MPC on Ebay  
A Useful Book By Joe Boling
MPCGram 742 Serial Number 2 MPC on Ebay By Shipbright (seller of #2 note, forwarded by David Seelye)
MPCGram 743 An Event for Philippine Numismatists Ray Czahor
MPCGram 744 Report from London by Joe Boling
MPCGram 745 More BEP Information By Larry “Ski” Smulczenski
MPCGram 746 London Show Report by Marcus Turner
MPCGram 747 My thoughts on "Carlson's Copies" by Philip M. Goldstein
MPCGram 748 My two cents worth on the Carlson Chambliss replicas: By David Klinger
MPCGram 749 More on the Carlson Chambliss replicas By Kenneth J. Berger
MPCGram 750 Target Practice By Joe Boling
MPCGram 751 WWII Money Museum Opening at ANA By Warner Talso
 Building Pedigrees By Doug Bell
MPCGram 752 I Could Have Stayed at a Holiday Inn Express By Larry “Ski” Smulczenski
MPCGram 753 Military Fest Certificates By Al Glaser
MPCGram 754 MPC Analysis and Questions By Tom Kotch
MPCGram 755 MPC Data Base Now Includes Values By Doug Bell
MPCGram 756 More Cons on Replicas By Al Babb
MPCGram 757 Misc notes about MPC By Joe Boling
Short Book Review by Mark "Sparky" Watson
MPCGram 758 Joint Export Import Agency Coupons By Larry “Ski” Smulczenski
MPCGram 759  “Show” Report by Robert Drake
MPCGram 760 How I got started By Special K
MPCGram 761 More Joint Export-Import Agency Neil Shafer
MPCGram 762  MPC Database over 5000 By Doug Bell
MPC DATA BASE Commentary By Harold “MPCKid” Kroll
MPCGram 763 MPC Database has record day  
Another propaganda note By Joe Boling
MPCGram 764 ANA Museum Gets Major MPC Donation  
MPCGram 765 WWII Exhibit at Show THIS Weekend By Marcus Turner
Chit Chat By Larry “Ski” Smulczenski
MPCGram 766 Colorado Happenings By Bill Rossenblum
Military Notes in Auction By Howard Daniel
MPCGram 767 "Plate Variations" on MPC By Guy M. Araby
MPCGram 768 Varieties in HAWAII Overprints? By Jay Jackson
Indiana State Show By Marvin Mericle
MPCGram 769 HAWAII Overprints By Fred Bart
New Discoveries and Observations By Joe Boling
MPCGram 770 H A W A I I Spacing By Pete Huntoon
OKC Show Report By Bruce Potter
MPCGram 771 POW Tokens By Larry “Ski” Smulczenski
MPCGram 772 Million Dollar MPC! By Doug Bell
MPCGram 773 WWII Material in St. Louis by Joel Shafer
MPCGram 774 Integrating theater and military money By Joe Boling
MPCGram 775

Gram 775 AWOL

MPCGram 776 BNR 25 Years Ago and other goodies By Larry “Ski” Smulczenski
MPCGram 777 Rendezvous with destiny: the money of wwii  
MPCGram 778 Currency Restrictions in RVN By Phil “IWANTMYMPC” Goldstein
MPCGram 779 Bonuski By Larry “Ski” Smulczesnki
MPCGram 780 Boling’s Favorite Note(s) By Joe Boling
MPCGram 781 MPC in ANA Museum By Chris Connell
MPCGram 782

Gram 782 AWOL

MPCGram 783 More BAFSV Tokens and Other Things By Larry “Ski” Smulczenski
MPCGram 784 World Record Price---Maybe By Doug Bell
Late Entry By Dick Freyser
MPCGram 785 MPC for Desert Storm By David Klinger
MPCGram 786 Boling to Denver By Bill Rosenblum
MPCGram 787 Gramsters Invited By Larry Lee, ANA Museum Curator
My Favorite Note from Texas By Jay Jackson
ANA beneficiary of MPC rarities From Numismatic News submitted to the Gram by David Klinger
MPC Database passes mark, has sponsor By Doug Bell
MPCGram 788 Mixed and Miscellaneous (but Good) Stuff By Joe Boling
MPCGram 789 Museum Adds More Notes By Chris Connell
MPCGram 790 Turkey thurski By Larry “Ski” Smulczenski
MPCGram 791 Bought In Plain Sight by Mark "Sparky" Watso
MPCGram 792 Bought In Plain Sight by Mark "Sparky" Watson
MPCGram 793 The Money Trail: Burmese Currencies in Crisis, 1937-1947, by Marilyn Longmuir
Reviewed by Howard A. Daniel III
MPCGram 794 More Turkey By Joe Boling
MPCGram 795


By Larry “Ski” Smulczenski
MPCGram 796 My thoughts on MPC VOID Notes Philip M. Goldstein
MPCGram 798 Museum Opening Spectacular  
Match Found in Database! By Doug Bell
MPCGram 799 Report from Colorado Springs By Joe Boling